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Resetting an Aladin® dive computer

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When the Aladin® displays "ERR" it is more than likely that a battery change is needed. No problem, sometimes the percentage indicator has shown more than 60% battery life remaining and then presented the "ERR" display ...

On the Aladin® Pro model, the computer will usually audible a "TIC-TIC-TIC" sound instead of displaying "ERR"

For a successful reset you must  have in Aladin® a battery that is in good working condition. If not, the reset will fail and/or the computer will continue to remain in "ERR" for a while.

For reset you will need a 3V lithium battery (CR2032 or general equivalent). Connect the negative (-) to the "alone" contact, which is the same contact used when using the pc interface/"mouse" red contact.
With the positive (+) you need to perform repeated quick contact brushes to the second contact,  which is the same contact used when using the pc interface/"mouse" black contact.

View this video to see how the reset is performed. Other videos

If the reset is successful, you will see all symbols on the LCD display for approximately 3 seconds. The reset is NOT considered successful if the "ERR" is cleared only, try reset again in this case.

This reset procedure is applicable to all  Aladin® models which use the "mouse" connection for data transfer to PC
(Sport, Pro, Pro Ultra, Air, AirX, and AirZ).
If you have a "mouse" or any other bidirectional interface for data transfer from an Aladin® computer to a PC, you
can use the "WakeUp"  function directly from DataTalk program - the battery method simulates the interface "wakeup".
is used.

Thanks for help with translation to Jason Marino

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