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Aladin® AIR and DIY battery exchange

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For a successful DIY battery change in an Aladin® dive computer, you will need to have a solid working experience with soldering/desoldering and a general mechanical proficiency to access the battery.

WARNING! Aladin® dive computers are oil-filled. Do not discard the oil as it must be reused when the battery change is completed. You must carefully extract and store the oil. It is strongly recommended to use a syringe/syrette (no needles) to extract and store. Use the rubber gloves !

There are only small differences from the exchange procedure decribed for Aladin® PRO - another type of tags at battery (SL-860/PR or SL-860/T ) and the battery placing.
The battery is placed under the pressure sensor. Unscrew 3 Torx screws, hold Aladin® by the sensor up, and CAREFULLY pull up the sensor using for example two screwdrivers as a lever.
When the sensor is removed, drain small amount of the oil (5-7ml suffice), and pull up and change the battery.
Return battery and sensor to it´s positions and turn Aladin® by the rubber seal up. Carefully lift the seal edge using a precision knife and then refill oil. Beware of bubbles before display. You need to use rattling, shakong, twirl, ponding and alike to remove them. It wants a patience...









See video instructions (~30MB)

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